Code of Conduct for Members

Burton Tennis and Squash Club Code of Conduct for Members  


Our Club aims to provide all members and their guests with high quality facilities and service to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all.  To support this, we ask you to adhere to our Code of Conduct for Members.

  1. Members must treat the Club, fellow members, their guests and its staff with courtesy and respect at all times.
  2. Conduct from members which is discriminatory, intimidating, hostile or offensive is strictly prohibited. This may include telephone calls, email, gestures, touching, teasing, remarks, comments or questions of a harassing nature and any behaviour which threatens the well being or safety of others.
  3. When playing racket sports members and their guests are expected to play fairly, graciously and in a sporting fashion. In the interests of maintaining a harmonious atmosphere, whenever a dispute may arise during an internal match, regardless of how convinced one or both players may be that they are correct, a ‘let’ must be played.
  4. The Committee may consider issuing a warning, the suspension or termination of membership  in instances where the conduct of  a member or their guests falls below  the expectations outlined in the  Code of Conduct for Members, the  Rules of the Club or is deemed  to be detrimental to the reputation of the Club, its ability to carry out its  duties under  established Safeguarding protocols or to provide a pleasant, safe and orderly environment for all individuals or groups  who use its facilities.
  5. Members’ guests whose conduct falls below the expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct for Members may be denied access to the Club and its facilities.
  6. The Committee reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct for Members and the Rules of the Club but will make any such amendments known to all members in a timely manner to ensure clarity of understanding for members.

Any member who may wish to ask any questions or request further clarification about any aspect of this Code of Conduct for Members is very welcome to contact any member of the Committee to do this.

References:     BTSC Safeguarding Policy  |   LTA ‘What’s The Score’ Toolkit