Welcome to Burton Tennis & Squash Club

Interested in becoming a member? It’s really easy.

Annual membership runs from 1st of May to 30th of April and allows any member to play all racket sports played at the club (rather than a separate membership for indoor or outdoor racket sports).

Membership is divided into the following categories and relevant pro rata payments are applied to each one depending on when a member joins within the year; so, for example, a member signing up in July, will only pay for 10 months instead of 12 and so his/her fee will be reduced proportionately.

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Balls in basket



Full £181.50
Partner/Spouse £121
Country (10+ miles) £137.50
Senior 60+ £121
Junior 0-17 £60.50
Junior 0-17 w/ parent member £46.75
Off-Peak Tennis £60
Young Adult 17-25 £57.75
Student (summer only) £19.25
Social £22

Join Burton Tennis and Squash Club by self-enrolling and paying your annual membership via our MYCOURTS booking system:

NOTE: When self-enrolling, you will only be asked to pay the PRO RATA RATE (months remaining) from now until April rather than the full annual subscription fee.


Once you have joined the club, you will be sent an entry card that will provide you with access to the clubhouse.

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